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Who We Are

Reganalds Founder & Designer : Tyrone Reid

Tyrone Reid is the designer, visionary and owner of the British luxury fashion brand called Reganalds. Tyrone did not come from a fashion background, nor did he study fashion, but his frustration of the day to day “copy and paste” of fashion drove him to take matters into his own hands and start designing and producing his own clothing for himself. To his surprise, people complimented and showed interest in purchasing his garments which made him realise, it was both a calling and an opportunity. So he took his vision and creativity and built Reganalds, which is now a British luxury and exclusive fashion brand known worldwide.


We are a British luxury brand of fashion for both men and women based in London, UK. We were officially created by designer and founder Mr Tyrone Reid in 2016, but he only officially launched the company to the public in 2018. Within only 2 years, we are already known for producing luxury clothing within our top three categories, which are: causal, classic and formal/red carpet. Designing bespoke and limited pieces for both celebrities and non-celebrities alike worldwide.

The look and feel for all our garments are designed in a way to be unique and naturally stand out among the ordinary pieces of clothing people wear on a day to day bases. Our vision is to produce the latest and most exclusive luxury design concepts for the fashion industry as we see it today and in result, get people rethinking and re-evaluating the way people see and wear fashion as a whole.

The essence of Reganalds, is pride, imagination and quality. Separating ourselves from the traditional fashion power houses, high street retailers and start up clothing line companies. How we do this is by capturing our beliefs and our principals within all our clothing and products that we create by imposing our three key philosophies within our company that our founder created.

These three philosophies are at the heart of our foundation and have now formed into our editions, which can be explained as our Limited Edition, Rare Edition and something we have created called a Continental Edition garment.
Which we will explain down below.

Our Philosophy

Limited Edition

Our Limited Edition range reflexes the quantity per size, per colour in any particular garment. This quantity is normally 14 per size per colour, but can even be lower than that. At least 40% of all our garments will form part of our Limited Edition range.

Rare Edition

Our Rare Edition pieces are very unique and special to us as a company. When our customers by a Rare Edition garment or product they are not just buying a clothing item or an accessory, they are buying part of our company's history and that's because Rare Edition means we will only make a maximum of up to eight pieces of that item or garment per colour, regardless of the size range. 

A maximum of eight in the world. We will never make that item and/or garment again in that exact same way. These pieces will always be luxury, these pieces will always have a high price tag to them and these pieces will always be unique. We are very proud and excited to welcome you to explore and purchase our Rare Edition garments.

Continental Edition

Our Continental Edition garments are only eligible to be sold to our Private Platinum Members (PPM's).

There will only be 1 Continental Edition garment available to be purchase per Continent, once every six months (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter). To be eligible to purchase one of these pieces (as well as being a PPM) you need to be living in that particular Continent for a minimum of 5 years, have two documents proving your living address within that Continent and finally the delivery address needs to be within that Continent.

All these garments will be high end and extremely luxurious, but what is so unique about our Continental Edition garments is that they will start off on a base price, but will actually be purchased at a higher bidding price. Meaning it's not about how much the dress cost, but how much you paid for it. Similar to auctions, our PPM customers will get a chance to bid for the garment for their particular Continent and at the end of the bidding process, the highest bidder will purchase the Continental Edition garment for that price. 

We will then make the garment tailored to the purchaser's body measurements as well as sewing their signature into the garment itself before sending it to the customer, which will then make that customer become known as the 'Continental' for their Continent for that year and season. Where not only does the customer become part of our history, but they make history themselves.

What We Do

R.E.G - Reach Every Goal

We are different. We are unique. We take great pride in not following the traditional fashion colour palettes, designs and/or fabrics that the whole fashion industry will use per given season. We don't follow the current patterns or trends. 

Here at Reganalds, we design our garments based on our feeling on what we see is missing from the market, what we feel is needed in terms of quality, but most importantly, we will design garments in terms of what we feel is premium affordability, that not only looks luxurious, but feels luxurious as well, because here at Reganalds. 
We don't follow fashion. We create it.

Our Goal

We are here for you, our customers, to make you feel superior, to make you stand out, to make you feel good about what you wear and how you wear it. We are Reganalds, the next generation of fashion, born in London UK, but spreading world wide. The time has come to Reach Every Goal, REG IT.



REG31 is our sister company branching from Reganalds. REG31 is aimed to create trends and bring back old ones and is aimed at the high street affordable market.
REG31 will producing and selling both men's and women's clothing that is sexy, smart, out going and trendy and will cover categories such as smart casual, night outs, casual, street wear and swim wear and will be selling not only through the Reganalds platforms but other platforms as well.

REG31 Insight

The name REG31 stems from our Reganalds slogan (to reach every goal) and the age that our director was when he came up with the idea for this sister brand. This brand is to offer affordable, yet trendy looking clothing to customers who want to buy affordable and feel like they have a lot for their money, because quantity and quality counts when you want to buy affordable and this is what we have try to do and this is why the time has come to Reach Every Goal,  with REG31.

About Softs

Softs are a product that we have created that will help protect people's feet from the pressure and acting forces that are applied onto it. This product is still undergoing tests and will be released in the near future. If you would like to know more, keep following this website and/or download our mobile app as on-going updates regarding Softs will be posted on a on-going bases.

Our Founder and Designer

Mr Tyrone Reid

The founder, director and designer of the Reganalds fashion company franchise is called Mr Tyrone Reid. He is a black British Caribbean man who lives in London, UK who never did any fashion schooling to date or had any interest in fashion growing up. But in his mid 20's, he started get frustrated and hate fashion due the copy and paste nature of the fashion industry and the high street market, so he then realised the only way he was going to buy clothes again is if he made them himself. Thus, he took a leap of faith in his creative mind to start designing clothing from scratch by himself and then soon found himself with a luxury fashion company called Reganalds and the rest is history in the making.