Reganalds Paris Fashion Week F/W 2020


PARIS FASHION WEEK F/W 2020! We arrived in Paris to showcase some of our new Women's Couture collection and showcased we did. So many press, media, bloggers and businesses from around the world came to watch our fashion show for Paris Fashion Week, which was organised by Flying Solo and everyone absolutely loved our show. We have been receiving features and applauding from the general public and the media from around the world every day since we did our show and it has been amazing.

For this Paris Fashion Week show, we showed 4 pieces from 2019 and 4 new pieces for f/w 2020. We did this so everyone could see the evolution of the designs from past to present and in doing so, we were able to showcase couture pieces ranging from within 4 different collections (Midnight Blue, The Angelina, All Red Everything and Reganalds Signature).
Click here : Reganalds PFW 2020 to view our gallery for images from Paris Fashion Week.