Reganalds Signature

Our prime masterpiece


This garment is one of our masterpieces. Although people say this dress is a wedding dress, we say its for a statement. A statement of intent to show the world who we are as a luxury fashion brand and what we stand for. This stunning piece is made from 100% silk and satin and has a mixture of beautiful crystals and Swarovski throughout the dress and most importantly on the long extended trail of the dress which spells out our company name, Reganalds. There will be only one made for purchase throughout the world, as well as being made to specific tailored made measurements within London, UK.

Blue Pharaoh

For the Pharaohs and Goddesses


This whole garment is a combination of two different couture pieces beautifully assembled together. Inspired by Egyptian pharaohs and goddesses. This stunning outfit comes as two parts; the shoulder chain and the dress itself. The shoulder chain is a couture accessory in its own right, however when fitted onto the dress, they make an exquisite pairing. The dress also has flexibility for an alternative shoulder piece to be fitted onto it which makes this dress so dynamic and suitable for any occasion. Both pieces are made in London, UK and both take three and half weeks to make from scratch.

Midnight Blue

London's Amazing Midnight Sky


This dress was envisioned from gazing at the amazing midnight sky in London. A dark navy sky with thousands of stars sparkling ever so slightly, which produced a spectacular view and that vision is what we have incorporated into this wonderful couture piece we have called Midnight Blue. Over 240 hours of manpower makes this garment what it is today, as every piece of beading, crystal and sequin is carefully placed to provide that magical feeling of looking up at that beautiful midnight blue sky with thousands of stars looking back down at you.

Red Goddess

From the Times of Greek Mythology


This dress was inspired by the ancient Greek times and mythology when ancient Greeks would wear white silky robes that would drape from the shoulder to the floor for people of wealth and stature. This vision is what we wanted to have our spin on; revamping and encapsulating the traditional style whilst encompassing in the essence of the look. Hence, we turned everything red and made this into a two-piece outfit. The first piece of this outfit sits as an exquisitely cut out red leather bathing suit that is perfectly hidden away by the outer second piece of this outfit, whilst the second outer piece is a masterpiece in itself. It amazingly designed to drape perfectly on the front of the body, hiding all the women's sensitive parts of the body, whilst emitting strength, power and royalty with the stunning and luxurious beading chain across the shoulders that also drapes with the outer shell of this outfit. All in all, this outfit is breathe taking and will leave lookers remembering you for days on days after they have seen you in this stunning couture Reganalds outfit.

Optimus Grey

Transforms The Way You Shine


We have named this amazingly stunning couture glitter dress, Optimus Grey from the way it can transform an individual's look into something spectacular. Its high slit and matching beaded chains add another dimension to this gown, giving it more movement whilst tastefully showing the full length of the left leg, which is no doubt an attention-grabbing feature of this exquisite and fabulous dress.

Midnight Athena

Designed to Inspire


This dress is designed to empower, energise and attract. Its exquisite look will keep dazzling throughout the day and night, making sure you are noticed everywhere you go. The second part of the dress is called Athena. Athena is the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and strength which elements of this dress were based upon, hence why we named this dress after her. This slim fitted dress also has 3 stripes of leather built into it to give it a sense of royalty and empowerment and is only made in London, UK. There will only be two of these are garments made worldwide for purchase.